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Brandspec, Wiri


Project Scope:

Brandspec is a fast growing company that manages sales, brand & point-of-sale marketing assets for the worlds leading Food & Beverage brands. Their team actively works as a catalyst for FMCG client in marketing and advertising campaigns that require complex logistics, operational, and tracking management. While their team provide expert advice for sourcing, trade shows, and more they approached us to assist with their facility fitout.

When we started working with Brandspec, they operated three sites with staff spread across all facilities. With a new location already secured, their aim was to consolidate all sites to streamline their operations and bring their staff together. Their storage requirements ranged from small fast-moving packages to large bulky appliances. Early on in the design process, our team worked closely with Kerry and his team to identify these requirements and develop storage solutions that were practical, efficient, and offered optimal return on investment. Due to the need for creative solutions, it was critical for our design team to leverage relationships in the materials-handling industry. This allowed us to present solutions based on a pallet-racking/forkhoist combination that maximised throughput and minimised pick times.

Bringing in the Experts:

Multiple Machines Maximise Throughput

In the new purpose-built facility, Brandspec takes advantage of different picking equipment to streamline its operation. One of the machines they use is applied specifically to the processing of high-turnover small products. Using a high-level order picker with guide rails allows their team to pick and stow up to 9.8m high achieving over 900 lineal meters of picking per aisle. Using an Aislemaster articulated forktruck provides the opportunity to pick and stow medium turnover products in a VNA racking layout of 2.3m aisles. For slower moving items, such as the bulky appliances, double-deep racking is used to provide and optimal balance of higher-density storage and SKU accessibility. These solutions were developed in partnership with Brandspec’s preferred materials handling supplier. The close collaboration ensured that the best advice was available and the solutions, when implemented, worked as intended.

Collaborating to Minimise Cost

As part of our process, when the design was finalised, we collaborated with the construction company to arrange for the installation of emergency lighting. Working together ensured that the location of the lighting in the facility aligned with the racking layout, minimising changes and reducing building costs for the Brandspec team.

Project Management to Minimise Distraction

With an allowance of just one month between first access at the new facility and the termination of Brandspec’s existing leases, having a dedicate project manager from our team was critical to the overall success of the relocation. This strategy, which is a key pillar in our delivery process, provided Brandspec’s management team with a single point of accountability throughout the project allowing them to apply focus to other areas of their business.


It was a privilege to work with the team at Brandspec on this project. Through working with our key partners, we were able to deliver a solution that suits their specific requirement will allow them to grow into the future. It was rewarding to follow the process of this project from ideation to completion and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

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