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The method that we apply to developing warehouse fitouts is founded upon our hard-won experience and shaped by what our customers tell us is important to them. This disciplined and trusted approach, allows us to create effective designs and mitigate risk throughout the delivery process.

What sets our approach apart

Produces quality design and products that you can trust
Identifies and controls risk
Guarantees project management excellence
Creates lasting relationships and customers for life

Step One: Discover

  1. Initial Consultation
    We will discuss where you are at in our process and understand your business goals
  2. SpaceAssessment
    We will complete an assessment of your current situation and upcoming requirements, and identify potential risks
  3. Identify Stakeholders
    Based on our assessment, we will identify what specialist partners will be required to provide your solution

Step Two: Bespoke SpacePlan

  1. SpaceFit
    Our in-house design experts will plan and test various options to maximise space capacity and efficiency.
  2. Timeline & Expectations
    We will create a timeline to best fit your timing expectations.
  3. Budget & Recommendations
    We will provide details for our recommended solution based on what we believe will best meet your requirements, budget, and business goals.
  4. Your SpacePlan
    We deliver your plan based on your unique set of requirements and design preferences.

Step Three: Realisation

  1. Handover
    Our space consultant will introduce you to the Project Manager who is responsible for delivering the project on time, on budget.
  2. Project Plan
    We will deliver a project plan with a detailed timeline including current project dependencies that may impact on the expected delivery date and a supply update.
  3. Certification
    We activate the compliance process by engaging with our engineer and the council.
  4. Pre-Installation Checks
    We will complete a series of checks on the site to ensure that all risks are recognized, and installation can commence. This includes a JSA (job safety analysis) which will be given to you post-inspection.
  5. Installation
    Our team will begin installation. Throughout the installation process, the Project Manager will provide weekly updates on timeline and dependencies.
  6. Quality Assurance
    Our Project Manager will conduct a series of checks to ensure everything has been installed with a high-level of quality and safety.
  7. Debrief
    Once the installation is complete, the Project Manager and the Space Consultant will visit onsite to have a team debrief with you and to make sure the project has been delivered to expectation and to set a date for the 6–12-month review.
  8. Certification
    Promptly following installation completion, full certification and Council sign-off will be achieved.

Step Four: SupportPlan

  1. Feedback
    We have a culture of continuous improvement, so our Space Consultant will check in with you 6-12 months post-installation to ask for your advice on how we could improve our process.
  2. Annual Audits
    Our inspectors will carry our annual audits to ensure your racking is kept at the standards required.
  3. Maintenance
    In the case of damaged racking, our team will assist to quickly repair or replace the item to ensure your business productions continue to run as smoothly as possible.

Frequently asked questions

See the answers to our most asked questions below.
If your question doesn't feature, please reach out to our team.
Do you always follow the whole process?

During our initial consultation we will identify where you are up to in the process and take you forward from there. For example, if you already have a design, we will complete some brief due diligence before taking you forward to budget recommendations and the Realisation stage.

We already have a quote for our warehouse racking, do you provide price comparisons?

If you are already at the quoting stage for your warehouse fitout, we are able to assist. Due to our commitment to delivering effective solutions, before quoting on the design we may ask some questions about your processes and requirements to ensure that the design presented to us is a good fit for your business.


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