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Designed to maximise return on investment, SpaceAssessments will help assess your space utilisation and identify opportunities to improve capacity and workflow. Before acquiring more space or committing to relocating, reach out to our team.

Most common reasons we have been engaged to provide SpaceAssessments

You are running out of space but do not want to relocate
You would like to know if we can improve the workflow or capacity of your facility
You are are unsure if your current layout is the best for your requirements

What is a SpaceAssessment?

A SpaceAssessment is a space-utilisation audit that assesses the current storage layout and investigates possible capacity gains within your existing building footprint.

These audits are designed to be used in a range of scenarios to assist you with making smart business decisions. You can use them to:
  • Avoid unnecessary relocation distractions and costs
  • Improve return on investment by achieving more within your existing footprint
  • Improve workflow to maximise productivity and profit
  • Understand how investing in different storage solutions can benefit your business


How does it work?

Here is an example of how an Auckland business was able to take advantage of our SpaceAssessment process. They approached us for a SpaceAssessment twelve months before their lease was due to expire.

With economic uncertainty in the air, this company did not want to relocate but needed additional space to enable their next stage of growth. The new site they were considering was nearby but had a much higher annual rent. They were also aware of the many costs that they would incur with a relocation. After much discussion it was felt, they would have to relocate and bear the cost.

Could we increase your capacity by 40%?

Before fully committing to relocating, we were engaged to offer a SpaceAssessment. With a current capacity of 700 pallets, the client told us that “if we can increase the capacity to 1000 pallet spaces, we would be able to renew our lease and will save a lot, not only in rental but in relocation costs”.

Our SpaceAssessment revealed that we could

Our team researched the various space and operational requirements before beginning to develop SpaceFit designs. We worked through a range of scenarios with our client and came up with a solution that met the company’s capacity and operational goals.

To deliver the successful improvements, we altered both the racking layout and the forklift machinery that they were using.

Our success with this project helped our client to avoid significant costs and distractions. While the reconfiguration of the warehouse and investment in machinery came at a price, this was much less compared to the cost of relocation. Cost savings was not the only benefit, being able to continue operating with their
existing overhead expenses reduced their risk and made them less exposed in a time of economic uncertainty.

There are usually other options to relocation

We may not always be able to improve your storage layout but with advancing materials handling technology we believe there are opportunities that can be exploited in almost every facility. Over the years we have seen many companies needlessly relocate or engage in expensive 3PL endeavours.

Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help you reduce risk, avoid relocation costs, and improve return on investment.

Discover where we have made a difference

Visit our Case Studies to learn how we have helped businesses to make informed decisions to ensure they get the best out of their investment.

Frequently asked questions

What if our SpaceAssessment reveals that we have an optimal layout?

There will be cases where we are unable to improve on your current facility layout or the cost of upgrades does not justify the incremental gains that can be achieved. In this case we can provide recommendations on how you can best take the next step whether this be relocating, using 3PL storage, or running two sites of your own. We can also assist with finding a new location based on our intimate understanding of your requirements and our relationships with developers and real estate agents.

How much does a SpaceAssessment Cost?

Because of our commitment to helping businesses use space better, our basic SpaceAssessments are free. This includes an initial consultation, either in person or via video call, and concept designs.

For more complex facilities or requirements, we will provide an cost appraisal based on the level of research and details that you require.

Who do you provide SpaceAssessments for?

We provide SpaceAssessments for facilities that are 800 sqm and larger. If your facility is smaller than this, please reach out and we will assess these requests on a case-by-case basis.

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