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Design + Build

Throughout our Design + Build process we follow our trusted method to design and deliver a facility fitout that meets your requirements and enables you to fulfil your company goals.

The SpacePlan Advantage

With a relentless focus on customer service, you can expect to work closely with our team to arrive at a design that is the best fit for your situation. For the design and delivery of new warehouse fitouts, we follow the four stages of our methodology: Discover, Design, Realisation, Support.
We research
We follow our process
We use trusted partners
We’re there for the long haul

We research

  • During the initial consultation we learn about your business. We seek to understand what matters to you and what success looks like at your new location.
  • We also look to the past to understand what works and what doesn’t. What do you have now that works really well? What are some current challenges that we could eliminate at a new site?
  • Finally, we work to understand the full scope that you are expecting from us. From pallet racking systems through to asset protection and traffic management, we engage experts from the start.

We follow our process

  • Our methodology is a trusted and proven approach that ensures success from start to finish.
  • This has been developed over many years of hard-won experience and ensures that we deliver excellence at every stage.
  • It is a thorough process, that eliminates surprises and gives you confidence that all the bases are covered.

We use trusted partners

  • We believe in bringing in the experts to ensure that you receive the results you deserve.
  • Our suite of partners allows us to engage the right people at the right time to deliver a complete solution.

We're there for the long haul

  • Our customer-for-life approach drives us to build lasting relationships.
  • For us this means delivering long-term support in the form of our SupportPlan™and justifying our worth at every step of the journey.

Frequently asked questions

What services/products are offered in the Design & Build scope?

At SpacePlan we engage with industry partners to deliver value in six key areas: Racking Storage
Systems, Work Stations and Dispatch Flow, Asset and Personnel Protection, Materials Handling
Equipment, Signage & Labelling, Maintenance and Auditing.

How long does the Design & Build process take?
Depending on the complexity of your requirements and availability of information, the design process usually takes between 2-5 weeks. Once the design is confirmed, indent orders have a lead time of 12-14 weeks whilst ex. stock projects can be completed within 4-6 weeks.
How much should we allow for a warehouse fitout?

Across various projects where we have delivered a selective racking system with basic asset protection and materials handling equipment, the cost is usually between $140 - $180 per sqm.


Our Design + Build Projects

Actions speak louder than words. Take a look at our Methodology in practice at some of our past  Design and Build projects.

Brandspec, Wiri

Project Scope: Brandspec is a fast growing company that manages sales, brand & point-of-sale marketing assets for the worlds leading…

Cloke Clothing Ltd, Wiri

Project Scope: Cloke Clothing Ltd designs and manufactures quality ready-to-brand garments for teamwear, uniforms, and promotional merchandise. To accommodate their…

PetDirect, Patiki

Petdirect required a warehouse storage solution for their new distribution centre in Auckland. We worked through their requirements and designed…

Design + Build

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